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Jessica Alba’s Pregnancy Pictures that Represent Bad Decision Making Skills of the Day

Here are some pictures of a pregnant Alba…What a fucking waste.

Maybe I’m just saying that cuz I’m a firm believer that pregnancy isn’t hot and that it kills bodies, careers and vaginas……

Maybe I’m just saying that cuz I don’t realize how naked she is gonna be getting in future roles to stay relevant and to get paid….

Maybe I’m just saying that cuz I firmly believe in abortion as a form of contraceptive…third trimester if escape route is needed….

Maybe I’m just saying that cuz these aren’t pics of her in a bikini….

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  • Bob Smith

    I have no problem with a chick getting pregnant.

    But lets look at the life and times of Jessica Alba. She’s always been a marginal actor. She’s gotten by in life because she’s cute and has a smokin’ hot body.

    So she gets pregnant, and suspect she though that after the baby came, she’d get back in shape, and her career would pick up where it left off. The trouble was, either she was lazy or genetically, she couldn’t get back into shape, but the bottom line is that body, the one that we loved to watch, is gone for all time.

    So she no longer has a career in movies.

    Its too bad she didn’t do playboy when her body meant something. Because now its just another young mom body. Yawn.