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David Hasselhoff’s Girlfriend of the Day

Her name is Hayley Roberts. She’s David Hasselhoff’s girlfriend. I wonder what he promised her…maybe he didn’t promise her anything…maybe he didn’t have to show her pics of Pam Anderson and say “THIS COULD BE YOU IF YOU STICK WITH ME”….maybe he didn’t have to make her watch his drunk video that his kid leaked to the internet….maybe he didn’t have to put her on payroll….maybe some girls are just groupie whore who are willing to fuck even the most insignificant, played out, was once on TV people…I’m talking even the guy in the local furniture ad from 10 years ago still gets pussy for that ad….cuz to these whore bitches, it’s better than fucking the short order cook or pizza delivery man cuz it makes them feel special…and who knows, maybe it’ll get them the exposure and his contacts will land you that gig to make you famous like you always wanted…You know how it is…and it’s not even a big deal…cuz look how happy this motherfucker is… he knows he won cuz he’s using her right back…like a pig slut that he knows she is…amazing…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    She is hot, and I would enjoy watching the two of them fucking.

  • the dominator

    that bitch is fuckin ugly as shit!
    god-damned boney-assed stick-legs!!!
    that bitch is not attractive.