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Ashley Olsen Thick Hips of the Day

Never fucked with that Olsen Twin fetish…didn’t think they were hot…even if I thought the jokes about jerking off to them since they were on Full House jokes were funny…but do like that they are so abused by their fame that they look like they are scared of the world….it’s on some Michael Jackson kick…that makes me feel less gay about getting hard while lookin’ at pics of the shit…you know like some predator in the savanah after some Gazelle lost his herd while looking for a watering whole….not that the Olsens or Michael Jackson ever got me hard, especially now that he’s dead and she’s grown some wide hips that I can only blame winning the eating disorder battle and an alien face and no twin by her side to make their average look combined into something worth noticing, maybe cuz I’ve alway been more motivated by looks than finances…..who cares….it’s a fucking Olsen twin…I think the general public got over it when she turned 18.

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