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Kelly Rowland in a Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kelly Rowland pretending she’s not bitter Beyonce shut down Destiny’s Child to start her solo career and take over the charts, you know sending Kelly Rowland off to fend for herself cuz her dad wasn’t their manager, you know getting what Beyonce felt was always hers, knowing the meat and potatos of Destiny’s Child was carried on her back with her talent, while the other cunts were just filler, like bread crumbs in the burger of bad music….because let’s face it, being in Beyonce and the Destiny Children has allowed her to live a pretty great life, filled with money, great sevice, luxury, and that’s a lot better than working the local Texan Popeye’s while singing in a choir on weekends only to be told everyday how she coulda made it if she hadn’t got knocked up, like so many other Americans who have more talent than the trash who actually gets famous.

Life’s unfair and then you die like Bin Laden, deal with it.

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