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Eva Longoria is an Excited Mexican of the Day

I don’t know what Eva Longoria is doing here in her padded bra, standing all tall, doing some strong man pose, but she may be dancing, something so many Mexicans before her know all too much about, cuz they didn’t get sucked into the white community they lived in, they didn’t have the opportunities this first generation had, they had to risk their lives and crawl across the border in some half assed man made shit, only to realize, living in Mexico was better than living in the USA, cuz at least in Mexico you didn’t have to strip to pay for your half black baby’s formula, you could work at the Volkswagen plant.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I know it’s some deep rooted Mexican resentment for all Mexicans who have made it, especially when they make me want to fuck them, cuz between you and me, Mexican girls are the fucking worst, no matter how Hollywood they pretend to be….

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  • Bob Smith

    You’ve got to admit, she is much better looking that Jennifer Lopez

  • Robert Smythe

    Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican, genius.