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Some Juliette Lewis Crackhead Legs of the Day

I usually spend the time I spend looking at Juliette Lewis on trying to understand her fucked up looking face, which ends up turning into an analysis of how many dude’s she’s fucked, whether she shoots her heroin right into her clit, or if she’s more a speed, meth or crack kind of girl.

I then start wondering how she became an actor, she’s not hot, she looks homeless, or even like Darlene from Roseanne, and so I’ve never really taken the time to notice her body….

Sure, I’ve posted HER BIKINI PICTURES before, but with a face like hers, who has time to focus on her legs…I just get swept up in the idea of finding her in an alley, giving her a few bucks, cumming inside her, and moving on like I do with all the crackwhores…>That’s been her fetish niche all these years….

So I guess today is a new day in Juliette Lewis gawking….from crackwhore fetish to lovely leg fetish…and the whole thing is very confusing.

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  • carmine

    you’re fucking idiot