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Cameron Diaz Legs for Elle of the Day

I like Cameron Diaz a lot when she’s photoshopped to shit and I can’t see the strain in her face, or botox needle scars used in efforts to hide the strain in her face….

She partied hard in her younger years, and it’s taken a toll and you can see she’s 40 years old, but she’s got an amazing fucking body, at least when the muscle definition is dulled out, that can be attributed to the abortion industry, cuz there’s no way this bitch hasn’t been knocked up, but clearly she’s never had a baby….

Her legs are long and amazing. She should invest in a technology that makes her look like this all the time.

Here she is in Elle. Dressed like an 18 year old only not 18. Thanks technology for giving her a hand…..now wouldn’t it be nice if you could, you know since at a certain age a finger’s not quite enough….

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