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Salma Hayek Puss and Boobs of the Day

I wonder how many people made the Puss & Boobs joke when posting pictures of Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas at some movie premiere. I’m thinking at least one.

So a spic and a spaniard walk in a bar…no wait, she’s a Mexican and Mexicans get mad when you call them Spics, cuz we ain’t no J.Lo….

I haven’t figured out why I’m doing this post, maybe cuz bitch isn’t exposing her big tits enough to keep me happy and I’m responding angrily by associating her with the other trash I post about….or maybe I’m doing it because I’m from Mexican descent and I know she’s our National pride cuz she is the best looking thing Mexico has produced, I mean other than my Dirty Taco eating ass.

This post is a disaster. Fuck you Hayek for Hiding You Tits.

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