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Taryn Manning’s Amazing Face of the Day

Taryn Manning is on my facebook. She’s not exciting to follow, but we’ve exchanged love letters. She’s deleted me and I’ve re-added her, like all power couples, and I’m not even sure it’s really her, it’s most likely a Filipino pervert bored in his village with a love for the movie 8 mile, or whatever that one movie she did to make her famous was….

I know she’s barely famous, she’s involved in a band, she’s got a clothing line, but more importantly, I know this girl looks run the fuck down….maybe she needs a detox, maybe a master cleanse, or even some sleep….but until then, she’s our Amazing Face of the day.

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  • LolleyGagger

    She posed for Playboy awhile back, the pics I’ve seen if it was all of them weren’t anything special and didn’t show much below the waist even by Playboy standards.