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Lady Gaga’s Got 3 Heads and I’m Scared of the Day

This 3 Headed Lady Gaga picture is doing the rounds, and shit is like a fucking nightmare to me, because I find her disgusting…and I’m not just talking disgusting cuz she runs fucking scams, pretending to be an artist and shit, I’m talking disgusting because she always looks like she’s about to throw up….It could be her weak chin and her permanently opened mouth she can’t close….or maybe it’s her bug-eyes and everything else that would have made me put her up for adoption if she was my kid, cuz a reminder that I took part in making this creature would do bad things to my spirits….

They should have just replaced her with a hot chick.

Lady Gaga’s done. Can’t wait for the rest of the world to pick up on that….

On a sidenote, V-Magazine ran a male model contest that I won by a lot and they NEVER ever gave me my prize. Fucking con artists.

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  • Hahaha

    Dude, she is currently number 1 worldwide, eat it fucking hater.

  • JT

    WTF v-magazine, that is some bullshit

  • JT

    WTF V-Magazine, thats some bullshit

  • Baphomet

    As much as I dislike GaGa, I’d still like to point out that she has talent (her voice and piano skills—not her writing, performance or fashion sense). Meanwhile, you make money by exploiting other perverts’ fetishes for std-ridden-anonymous sex-themed porn with your sad BangBros. ads and your super creepy pedophile, “step-father” (to some poor eight year old you are proud to rape repeatedly cause your wife is too fat and doesn’t want your baby dick) persona. Eat it or wear it.