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Demi Lovato Bikini Pic on Twitter of the Day

Damaged goods, addict, Demi Lovato posted some self shot bikini pics on Twitter….

I’m always so slow to get these pictures out cuz these celebrity bitches all blocked me on TWITTER

ANd makes me realize that I should have played nice, sucked up to them, wrote them sweet messages of encouragement, because hollywood pussy is insecure and hates being mocked….That’s why bitches like Demi Lovato end up in Rehab. They are weak….

That’s why I shoulda been fake nice to them….It would have make the whole thing way funnier, you know, being nice to them on there, while ripping them apart here….irony…if I knew what the definition of Irony was…

That said, Demi Lovato is out of rehab, and has turned to eating, and posting pics of her in a bikini on twitter…No longer underage, no longer tight bodied…but maybe the leftover fans and perverts like me who like damaged goods will enjoy this…cuz when I see a wreck…I wanna ride it into the ground with my dick…especially when they are all hollywood….

On a side note, Self shot bikini pics are the proper kind of slutty.

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  • loser

    thats a man baby!!

  • sandie

    she looks thick but that’s okay, she’s the thick madame type as Monique would say