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Gwen Stefani in a Bikini Top of the Day

Even after all these years and all these kids, Gwen Stefani still has a body of a dude. Her Husband, Gavin Rossdale, the tranny lover, must really like that…..you know cuz he used to fuck Tranny’s and her being built like a teenage boy was always what he liked best about her…..

I’ve never found her hot, so seeing her in a bikini now, is no better than seeing her in a bikini then, I figure if I wanted to see Tank Girl in action, I’d just watch the movie….and if I wanted to see tank girl in a bikini, I’d just watch point break.

Gwen Stefani sucks and here she is proving it, her body is so unsexy, she could be walking around topless, like a four year old girl at the beach, only we all know she takes it up the ass, cuz bisexual men never date girls who don’t do anal…not that that makes Gwen Stefani any better….

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  • roy

    You’re a douche. She’s hot. I would rather bang her “teenage boy body” then the fake, fat assed, hip hop whores you seem to be so fond of.

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