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Marisa Miller’s Old and Hard Model Face of the Day

Marisa Miller is overrated. She’s a stripper who strayed from stripping. She’s got fake tits, a hard body and for some reason her career went to legit modeling…a reason I will never understand…but think it has to do with being the “All AMerican” kind of girl…

So here is her hard fucking face, one that would only look nice on a stripper under the black light, only for you to get a horrible surprise when you offer her enough money to go back to your motel room with you, only to realize she’s like a fucking gremlin, and the second you get her in normal light, she turns to this.

Maybe I’m being too hard on aging, but maybe it’s deserved since her entire career wasn’t deserved…but this is a fucking old looking face….one so old that’s it is the old lady at the strip club….and not the crack whore stripper…the old lady no one really gets why she’s there…and I guess in some ways that’s amazing….

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  • hej

    You’re absolutely right, this bitch is the most overrated bitch in history! I’m glad somebody else agrees

  • Sara

    Actually, her boobs are real, as is the rest of her (minus the tan and some hair extensions, I guess). I think she’s super sexy. And I’m straight.

  • Tony Y

    Flash photography is a cruel mistress. It can make even the best look like old crones.

  • TheClap

    Ehh, she’s been on the beach since an early age and she’s a surfer, the sun has been hard on her. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s still hot though, whole body, face included. Those tits = real, btw, just look at them. Keep looking at them. Don’t stoppppppp……..

  • deedee

    you are soooooo full of shit! you’re saying if u met her in a dark bar and SOMEHOW convinced her to go home with you (which would never happen) and you saw her in normal light you would be disappointed???? yeah fucking right. get a grip.

  • Brendan O’Really

    Crazy talk. Yes she’s not 22, but you and I and everyone reading this would do her in a heartbeat if you had the chance. He honest instead of snarky.

  • Mike Talmadge

    Wow… Who wrote this, and how can he type with all those cocks in his mouth?

  • TonyFoxtrot

    Once again, the DrunkenStepfather writer proves that he is a fucking retard.