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Fergie in a Tight Shirt of the Day

I liked Fergie better when she was addicted to meth, you know all down on her luck, heavy in debt, with an addiction she’d do anything for, you know when she was in her rut from being a teen on TV to being a mid 20 year old who no one rememberd was on TV< because at least back she would suck dick for the dream, now she's living it....But I will say when I met her years ago, when she was famous, and she held my hand, if I knew her tits were like this I'd be holding to these....before her security pulled me away, which hey did anyway, but I least i woulda grabbed her tit. Either way, here she is in a tight shirt....

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  • Bob Smith

    Big tits are easy. You pay a surgeon $5K and you got big tits.

    A great ass? That’s a gift from god combined with constant workouts. Fergie does not a have a great ass. Not even close.

    She has big tits. Yawn.

  • ^^