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Anna Faris Looks Like a Homeless Crackhead of the Day

Anna Faris looks like a homeless, recovering addict, prostitute turned lesbian cuz she overused penis and it brings back horrible memories, with no teeth thanks to no hygiene, but a dream that she can stay off the meth.
Seriously, I’m not a fashionable dude, but this outfit screams “Free from the mission, struggling with addiction, haven’t eaten since welfare check day, my skin is so itchy, it feels like there are fire ants crawling all over me”….If you know what I mean…and if you don’t, then go to your local trailer park, find the bitch talking to herself while eating cheetos, and you’ll get what I’m saying, this is some serious redneck, white trash, trailer park, welfare check shit and I find it funny…..Gutter is always Funny.

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