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Elle Macpherson in Red Leather Pants of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the original models I masturbated to back in the 80s, so seeing her in red leather pants as a mother, makes me wonder how much that pussy has changed over the last 3 decades, but more importantly, what it smells like on a hot spring day, without being able to breathe, and the whole thing is amazing on all fronts…except for the whole having kids thing, that’s just disgusting, but the rest of her looks good enough to me….but then again so does the obese chick I am watching garden as I type this…because it is safe to say, I don’t have standards….but even if I did, I think this Elle Macpherson is quality enough for me.

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  • cowbulls

    Elle was a great contributor to mankind. There were lots of high quality happy endings between those legs. She needs to get back on the market because there looks to be a lot left. I would sure like to find out.

  • Arzach

    I bet all moms at that school hate her a lot.
    And there would be a record number of dads willing to pick up their kids at school, not to mention that parent meetings are probably crowded