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Jennifer Lopez Freaking Me Out of the Day

I know this looks like a scene from a horror movie….but I’m thinking either her husband is trying to assert his circus performer lookin’ ass, and remind her who owns her, as her career blossoms into something as huge as it once was, or maybe they are showing how much they love each other, because based on her stomach, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant again and they want the media to know how happy they are that they’ll get to pawn the spawn of what may be satan off onto their nanny.

Not that any of us should care about this, but she is the world’s most beautiful woman according to People, so maybe our priorities are all fucked up…

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  • cowbulls

    I think she is a very nice looking woman. But the only way she wins “the worlds most beautiful woman” is if she gave up her starfish to all the voters. That starfish could earn my vote.

  • 313-Schachtuenweur

    She’s actually pretty hot, looking amazing.