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Kate Upton Bikini Picture of the Day

This Kate Upton bikini picture is doing the rounds and I figured I’d post it cuz he’s a ridiculously busty 18 year old making millions to get into a bikini thanks to genetically altered hormones in food that made her a top heavy teen who will have the rest of her body catch up with her just as soon as she’s done puberty, but until that obese mess happens, we need to celebrate her body of work…at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it…

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  • mike

    stunning as always!!! If you dont think this women is hot you are not a man!

  • Expletive:BMP

    No disrepct Mike; yes she is hot. But she’s missing a bit of cheddar in those thighs. But hey, I’d fuck her to if I were to have sex. Which I don’t and to kill the lust, I just masturbate all the time. I’m saving myself for marriage you see, because if I continued to save myself for marriage, and I died, then, God may have mercy on me. Though it’s doubtful since I masturbate a lot. So much so, that my spongy fiver hurts like a mutha fucker! I also like BBW porn, that’s always awesome. That and BBC in white chicks (bbw white chicks with extra cheddar is always nice). Ebony BBW’s are awesome too. So it’s doubtful that God will forgive me, even if I’ve stayed from actual sexual relations and has instead relied on my left hand, thus, I’m doomed.

  • beavis

    You guys stop checking out my future ex wife.

  • FTFY

    ‘…post it cuz he’s a ridiculously…”
    “cuz he’s a”
    Try again.

  • Daniel Carver

    Don’t forget that she is into bestiality. Kanye West was the last animal she fucked.

    Other than that flaw, she is perfect.