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Kirsten Dunst from All Good Things Topless – Now in HD of the Day

Kirsten Dunst is really hustling this getting naked in movies because it is the only way she gets work….I mean other than collaborating with NAZIS

From the topless scene in All Good Things that I posted back in November…to the fully naked in Melancholia …..and I’m into it…I just wish she did it when she was younger and still relevant…but they never do…they always wait until push comes to shove…and creditors come knocking…to really do performances that matter because they are naked in them…

Either way, someone emailed me the clip I ALREADY POSTED only in HD and I figured some of you would care enough to see this shit in HD so I’m posting it….Cuz celeb tits are celeb tits no matter how in the pits that celeb tit has gone…

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  • bzero3

    Enh! They look a little better. But it’s dark.