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Marilyn Manson’s Artistic Nude Pics of his Ex Girlfriends of the Day

Marilyn Manson is full of shit. He’s like a Lady Gaga, all hype, pretending to be some deep artist with a vision, when really he’s nothing but a fucking hack, but the good news is on his quest for artistic enlightenment, he decided to do some artistic erotica bullshit with his ex girlfriends, who you’ve already seen naked, since one of them is Naked Evan Rachel Wood and the other is ex lesbian pornstar turned Dita Von Teese phony pin-up star ….

But I am a fan of full of shit art if it gets idiot bitches signed up and naked cuz they buy into the lie cuz they are idiot bitches…so as far as I’m considered this motherfucker is an artistic genius even if he’s a fucking hack cuz he made millions of his lie and he alsoconvinced his chicks to pose naked for him before releasing them to the public like this was some girlfriend revenge site….almost flawless…except for the fact both bitches have been naked before…oh well…maybe next time he’ll release pics that actually push the boundaries a bit….

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