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Sarah Silverman is Not Hot, She’s Disgusting of the Day

One of the most annoying things I hear when it comes to celeb pussy is when a motherfucker says Sarah Silverman is hot. She’s built like a dump truck, and not a nice modern dump truck with air conditioning and other luxuries, I’m talking a dump truck you’d find in some backwoods field used to transport sheep shit.

She’s got no redeeming qualities, I would hate to see her naed. Her shoulders are broad, her face is horse-like and bucked, and her legs and ass look handicapped and fat….

So as much as she can make a motherfucker laugh, she can’t make him cum, she has no sex appeal and even with the most intense and professional blowjob skills that helped her get this career, if you”d get down with this, you may want to see your therapist, cuz you are probably faggot.

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  • Sarah Silverman is totally hot and at least she’s funny, unlike your blog.

  • Bob Smith

    Totally hot? Dude, she has a mustache!

  • Tezzer

    She may not win hottest girl of the year award, but what are the chances any of us could do better, or as good, or as rich and famous and could then make us rich and famous…now that i think about it she is very hot. Let us also not forget that comedians have the lowest self esteem so will do anything.

    O, and you’re not funny Jesus.

  • the dominator

    fagfather is fucked up. this bitch isn’t hot at all. keep telling yourself that lie.
    the description of her is right-on.

  • Brad Pitt

    Actually, I see your point, but there’s a lot more to this picture. I agree that her body is NOT hot, (I’ve seen her in person, and her body is like a board) but her face is PRETTY (No denying that). She looks like a wide-awake Neve Campbell. The important thing, and I think Jesus (my favorite blog by the way) misses is she’s NOT trying to be hot. She suffers from some kind of OCD, and has a manic-depressive disorder and uses her comedy as a therapy to heal herself, so I don’t think you can use the “HOT CHICK” criteria because if she WANTED to make herself hot (I.E. Plastic surgery, working out at the gym, swearing short-short skirts, getting a boob job) she could easily do it.

  • Venom

    She is hot and she has giant super delicious tits.

  • drunken fagfather

    Brad Pitt, so hot chicks are only chicks who get plastic surgery and boob jobs?

  • Brad Pitt

    In Los Angeles it is.