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Webcam Star of the Day

Today’s Webcam Star goes by the name SexyMagy38 but she claims she’s 31….She’s from Colombia and she likes to perform with her friend…Webcam Stars are international…

I figure in their home country making 100 dollars US is big money and hard to pull off, where as here, they get one American Pervert who falls in love with them to Paypal them gifts after falling in love with their amazing asses, motivating them to give all of us a free show, so thank your local pervert with deep pockets!!

It’s like why work a job, when you can work the webcam for two hours and make more than your family does in a month all while becoming internet famous…this is what they are talking about globalization…..

And the good news is that you get to free ride this shit….I wonder if they are related to Sofia Vergara or Shakira…

Waiting for the ass shot took what felt like forever…I was yelling at the computer obscenities like “bitch show your ass already”…cuz I knew being Colombian meant business…and it was taking too fucking long to get going….but after a few minutes of waiting, shit got heavy, they got naked, and I was at peace with myself again…

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It’s worth it.

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  • mike

    wow!! Unbelievable. Both women look stunning!!