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Fergie Looks Hot for Allure of the Day

If only photoshop could follow Fergie everywhere she goes…cuz this picture of her for Allure, is pretty amazing, especially considering she’s an ex meth addict turning 40, unless of course the meth story is a lie for publicity, in which case I’d get why she isn’t pushing 300 lbs, as all the meth addicts I know replace meth with hard eating…

That said, two years ago, I met Fergie at some event I snuck into, she shook my hand and laughed at the website name when I handed her a card, before her security ripped me off her, leading me to believe she is as lovely as she is hard bodied…

So if you don’t find these hot, and you hate her hip pop gangster act, masturbate to her niceness and willingness to not have me killed by her security team….or if you’re really weird…masturbate to her make-up, hair stylist and fragrence insider information…

That’s all I gotta say about this.

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  • Bob Smith

    Two things of interest here:

    1) With the right makeup and lighting, they could make Godzilla look hot.

    2) When Fergie start with her stupid english accent and the guy comes in, weren’t you expecting him to bitch slap her so she’d shut up?