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Heidi Montag Hosts a Vegas Pool Party in a Bikini of the Day

I guess it only makes sense that Heidi Montag would be hosting events at Vegas on a slow day, I mean where else is there to go when you’re a reality star everyone hates, cuz you pretty much represent all that is wrong with the fucking world….oh right Playboy….

I guess that’s why bitch co-hosted a pool party with Hef’s Crystal Harris bitch he recently fired, cuz either she wants to be the next in line as Hef’s fake wife, it’s one of the best jobs for fake tit, fake tan, fake hair whores in the world….way better than stripping locally…

I mean unless she’s just using this as a publicity stunt to get noticed…which would make sense, as all reality TV idiots are addicted to their 5 minutes and any chance to be talked about is good enough to them…

But I think it’s safe to say her next stop with her DDs is playboy….I mean that’s pretty much the look she’s got going and there’s pretty much no where else to go….I mean other than being irrelevant in Vegas….but that will end soon….and her getting naked will commence….and I’ll be watching unless of course I Ryan Dunn myself.

TO See The Bikini PICS I don’t Have the Rights to
Follow THis LInk

TO See The Bikini PICS I don’t Have the Rights to
Follow THis LInk

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  • cowbulls

    I still think this chick would be really good sexually. She seems willing to do ANYHING to please a man and I can think of some wild stuff for her to do. I also think that her body is barely used because of that troll that she use to date or marry or whatever she did with him. I think she should shove a pencil up his ass and he would make a great “rat fink”.