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Salma Hayek Old Lady Street Walker of the Day

Here are some pictures of Salma Hayek looking like a streetwalker, cuz I like streetwalkers enough to pretend every girl on the street near a car is a streetwalker and treating them accordingly, it’s kinda my thing…

I guess what it comes down to is that as a Mexican celebrity straight from Mexico, she really was only a few bad blowjobs away from ending up working the street, and if she did end up down that road, like so many Mexicans before her, she’d likely be far skinnier, more haggard, and giving off a strong odor of shit not chanel.

But this is just one of those “things just worked out for her” for reasons I call “great tits” that were perfect to play the mexican part in some Hollywood shit to keep it authentic….

I still think she woulda made a better hooker and I think these pics prove it.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would happily hire her to perform various services for me.

    Mostly, I would like to nurse on her big nipples. I would pay extra if she would smoke a cigarette as I was sucking the milk form her fun bags.

    Not a lot extra, as the economy is bad and sluts will do pretty much anything right now cheap, but a little extra.

    I was in the car dealership when the service manager broke the bad news to this middle aged housewife, new engine, not covered under warranty. She was crying. So I sit down next ot her and offer her $500.00 if she woudl let me play with her tits and a blow job, and bitch took me up on it. So we go out to the parking lot, I have my hands all over her, her nips are brown and like thumbs. SO I am sucking them and she is still crying a bit and I tell her to blow me and she does, not a bad job of it either, she was either enthusiastic or desperate. I was yanking on her nipples, actually trying to see how much pain she could take, she only asked me once to be more gentle. LOL. – SO I blow my load down her throat, and I push her head down on my still convulsing cock, until she swallowed every last bit.

    Told her I had to get the money out of my car, be right back. LOL, bitch is probably still waiting.

    It was a good day. But now I have to find a new VW dealer to get my car serviced at.

  • Truththathurts

    Truth is that she is so rich that maybe both of you will wind up working for her as pool cleaners….

  • Venom

    Hey dumbfuck that runs this site.
    First of all Salma Hayek was rich before she became an actress or married her husband.
    Her father is an oil executive.
    He is also Lebanese you moron.

    Now she is a billionaire and my guess is you have probably washed her car a few times.
    Wikipedia is only a click away from sounding like a complete moron.

  • Bob Smith

    This has-been has all the fashion sense of a bowl of guacamole.