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Elizabeth Berkley in a Bikini of the Day

I didn’t realize Showgirls was that long ago…but thanks to the condition of Elizabeth Berkley’s body…I have no choice….because it takes a certain amount of time to make something good enough to be cast in a movie as a naked stripper bitch….to being something we’d rather see in a one-piece or at the beach bar seducing the bartender and telling war stories about when she was once hot and all the guys would run after her, and how she’d never had to pay for sex until today, and how she’ll give him 500 dollars to make her feel like a woman again, all while fully clothed for the rest of us not on her payroll….

If you know what I mean…

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  • cowbulls

    Wow, wtf happened to the woman that use to keep kleenex in business? That ass looks like it has been rode hard (and often) and put up wet. Her ass looks like it exploded.