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Samaire Armstrong Reminder of the Day

This girl was on a show called the OC, I think she played a lesbian…..but I don’t remember, I only watched one season and that was back when I used it as material to seduce college girls cuz I knew they were all up on the shit hard. I do remember my friend was all about this one. He was convinced she was going to be a big star, the next Lohan, and maybe he’s right, sure not in Hollywood or as an actor, but we have no idea how popular she is in her circle of meth addicted peers at the homeless shelter or house she’s squatting in with a bunch of other teenage runaways she likely shares her clothes with…..

All this to say, she looks like real shit….and luckily teenage runaways are a fetish of mine cuz they are so broken and easy…and no matter how much they smell, they are soft and not used to real life and they almost never say no to a hot meal no matter how long it takes you to cum…..innocence, such a fun thing to take part in taking…hey don’t blame me, I’m not her father she’s running from….I only know her from the corner post traumatic upbringing….

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