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JoJo Uses Her Tits To Try Again of the Day

I call this “jailbait everyone wanted until she turned 18, trying to make a comeback by showing titty”….

Here’s her story….she was 16, she had a hit song, every pervert wanted to fuck her cuz she looked 12, she turned 18, everyone forgot about her, she didn’t have any other commercial success, and she did what ever unwanted white girl does: she emotionally ate…and she ended up where every fat girl with issues ends up: fucking black dudes…but not the kind of black dudes who can help her get more famous like Jay-Z, but black dudes who live in the philly projects she grew up in….

But all that’s behind her, I mean everything bit the black dude thing, cuz once you go black you never go back, cuz here she is at the BET awards letting us know she’s been doing sit ups and got a push up bra and ready for a comeback…

I wonder if the name of her next single is – “At first you don’t succeed -cuz your pedo audience moves on, get fat, fuck a black dude then do some sit-ups and try, try again….”

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  • Lester Francis

    Making racist comments to try to be funny only works if you’re actually funny! JERK!

  • Kathy

    You people are so freakin’ racist…..smh. Is dating a blacm man bad??!! Is it comparable to doing or selling drugs, etc.?? Justin Bieiber was also at the BET awards, should he be ridiculed for hanging with black folks….you f—king idiot.

  • Mos

    Nope, Lester you fag, racist comments are always funny.

  • Matilda Browne

    Is dating a black man bad? Unless you’re a black woman, yes. No one likes mudsharks. Much worse than doing or selling drugs. Justin Bieber should be ridiculed for everything he does. He only hangs with black folks ’cause he’s a mudshark, too.

  • SacredTutu

    You’re absolutely right, we never really got anything good out of her either (except her welcoming dontlinkthis with open arms which was pretty funny), what gets me most is the girls of the right age that try to get attention by acting like niggers, pedos don’t want that and jojo has clearly put the nail in the coffin