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Liz Hurley Falling of the Day

I call these pics “Bitch falling on her fucking face cuz she’s dizzy from not eating as a form of weight management”…..

There’s been some rumors that Liz Hurley’s boyfriend was caught cheating on her, but she took him back, like all good girls with no self respect who grasp the concept that sometimes they aren’t good enough, and thus dude needs to stick it in another cunt, to really appreciate what he has at home, kinda thing…while most girls are just too insecure to let us have our fun….

I guess this was her attempt to divert the attention from her having an open relationship, by throwing herself down the fucking stairs as hard as she can.

I love a bitch who sacrfices herself for a cause….especially when she has model mom with a bikini company tits. It’s a little niche but there’s still some jerk off material for it.

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    I’ve always wanted to watch this dumb bitch get tit-fucked, since she’s got nice tits. I’m sure she gets very sexually wild when she’s drunk like in these photos. She knows how to handle a hard cock, no argument there…

  • cowbulls

    I think she may have a wild side but she doesn’t seem to be good at keeping her men satisfied. I think she needs a good gang bang to release her inner slut for good.