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Amber Rose Latest Nudes for Publicity of the Day

If this isn’t a publicity stunt, I don’t know what is….

Basically, the story to get people talking about a hip hop groupie slut, is that she sent nude pics to some other bitch’s man….so they leaked the pic to MediaTakeOut, after blurring out the bitches cunt so that these might as well be pics of her in a bikini….Real basic shit…

Then MediaTakeOut tagged her pussy more than Kanye or Wiz have combined, making her looking like a Caribana float, all decorative and shit, and now Amber Rose denies the story, even though the pics are of her, all cuz that’s how you make a career as a hip hop ho these days….and I want to see the uncensorded, untagged pics…cuz I’m a pervert and this kind of thing is important to me….

Either way, here’s the shit MediaTakeOut posted….and remember you can’t spell hip hop with out ho….and here she is with some sticky/stinky fingers…it’s not as fun when a bitch does it on purpose…but whatever…Send me the uncensored version!

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  • mel

    wow, her corn wagon looks gaping! she really doesn’t cut the mustard for me though. i have no respect for ebonic speaking hip hop entertainers or their ghetto, gangster bitches

  • Tyler Gittes

    I fucking hate Media Takeout. Amatuer-ass bloggers think they gotta watermark the fuck outta they pictures. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, NIGGA! I wanna see Amber rose’s snatch, not halfta lookat your name all dame day.