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Amber Rose Pussy Print of the Day

Amber Rose Pussy Print Big Tits See Through Yellow Lace Bodysuit

Amber Rose is a hero to all sex workers….to remind them that if you sex work properly…you can fuck rich rappers who love sex workers…and exist as a celebrity of your own…all while collecting that child support raising rapper babies with the help of a staff you don’t pay for so that you can commit to you cause of continuing to post smut of yourself on the internet because above all things…you are a sex worker…and you’re proud…the more people jack off to her…the more she thinks she matters….and I guess this lingerie in her cooter is her showing us that she matters…


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Amber Rose Finger Poppin in the Mirror of the Day

Amber Rose Masturbating Nude over A Mirror

Amber Rose Naked on a Mirror

Amber Rose is s Sex Work, was a sex worker, that is how she got herself fucked and knocked up by all the rappers. You know she worked her big tits and sex worker ways and just maintained a high profile clientele and it allowed her to exist as a celebrity in her own right.

Sure she’s not a huge celebrity, but she gets paid appearance fees, gets brand deals and makes good child support money – so if you’re gonna take your stripping career anywhere, follow her lead…go for an A-List crowd that likes strippers and doesn’t find them vile trash they can’t bring out with them, but rather see them as the hot girl all the dudes want to fuck…

I am not the kind of guy who would ever marry a stripper, there’s too much mental health issues around those kinds of women, I do not think it’s status or anything amazing, it’s gutter, it’s easy, it’s not even creative or exciting…

I am the kind of guy who likes stripclubs, watching strippers, maybe grabbing a tit, or paying to get my dick sucked by one….but I have no interest in having them around me, in my house, none of that….

Not that strippers want that, but you get what I am saying, that is keep a whore in her whore environment, otherwise they end up with money, being activists, doing this shit like masturbating on a mirror to pretend to encourage women to understand their bodies, to learn how a pussy work, to cum like a teen girl in self discovery….because not enough women have jerked off in front of a mirror or phone set on selfie mode..

While really it’s just strategy to post on all fours hovering over a full length mirror…when no one really needs an excuse for that…all bitches out there…follow this one’s lead…fingerblast yourself together….to a hashtag…the world needs selfies to go down this road….and by the world I mean me..cuz I’m a pervert.


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Amber Rose Pussy Papaya of the Day

Amber Rose Pussy Covered by a Paypaya

Stripper turned Rapper Fucker Turned Amber Rose is out there pretending to be an empowered slut, doing things like slut walks, posting pics of her pubic hair and breast reduced tits that are still fucking massive, paving a way in the world as some low level celebrity who isn’t really a celebrity but rather some kind of personality thanks to Kanye Fucking her before he moved onto farm animals like the Karadashians….

She’s doing some feminist photo of the Papaya Pussy or the Pussy Papaya depending on who you ask…and the whole thing is on brand and on trend and what you’d expect to find a slutty girl who has been fucked a lot to be doing on her social media to celebrate sexuality and women sexuality to justify why being a sex worker got her where she is, rather than in the gutter with a crack addiction like the sex workers I like…

Whenever I see the instagram THOTS doing fruit pussy and trying to position it as empowering or art I laugh…then try to masturbate….knowing they aren’t showing their actual pussy cuz it’s mangled…the way we like it.



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Amber Rose Nipples of the Day

Amber Rose Nipples

Look it’s Amber Rose nipples…because Amber Rose started out as a stripper, passed around the hip hop world, who recently got her tits reshaped and of course she’s going to show them off, it’s far less effort than sucking huge cock to get ahead, it’s just tits….we call this maintenance…like when a skinny girl who has been skinny her whole life does 30 mins of cardio a day to maintain the skinny…only the titty version….

Good tits though.

Amber Rose Wet See Through Dress Showing Nipples


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RIP to Amber Rose’s Titties of the Day

Amber Rose Tits

I generally avoid Amber Rose and all her slut empowerment, with her Slut Walks, because she was a stripper who dated Kanye, got famous, and now is hated by the Kim Kardashian, or at least used in her storyline to generate some interest with people…like some kind of WWE wrestling bullshit that bored Americans buy into….because their lives are pathetic…

But she got a breast reduction and the fact that is news, or that I know this, when I don’t even follow her on social media, is just further evidence that the world is the worst…

Who the fuck cares about who chops off their weird sexualized tits, to have them rebuilt into something new and exciting with some anchor scars like she’s Ariel Winter…

If anything, we should have funerals for this shit, but the mentally disordered Amber Rose is on some quest to intellectualize what she does and generate some buzz around who she is…and chopping off the tits is I guess all part of that de-sexualization of herself…who knows or cares…whatever…

Or maybe they are just too damn big and getting the damn way

Either way – Good Bye Our Friend we Never Met or Cared to Meet But Would have Liked to Have Bought a Lap Dance Off You When You Stripped for the Story…

Hopefully she keeps the BUSH

Amber Rose Bush

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Amber Rose Bush for Instagram of the Day

Anything for attention with this one…gutter and disgusting stripper and rapper fucker Amber Rose is starting a new feminist movement about freeing the bush, which is a good thing, something I’ve been an advocate for for a long fucking time and that I know is now becoming a trend, because bush is hot, it’s easier to maintain than shaving, it’s more comfortable, and it’s time…

Now I don’t know how many other girls will start posting their bush, but I do know that we are living in a wonderful time where most girls have pubic hair, the decoration of their pussy, the accessory, that is so fucking sexy and I want my face in it…but not so much Amber Rose’s bush, she’s a vile pig who disgusts me…

But bush as a whole…on a hole….must be CELEBRATED…and posted on instagram for me to jerk off to…

I don’t know why these women think not shaving is a trophy, it’s just fucking lazy and amazing, it requires less work…and I don’t know why it’s a political agenda or protest that women feel the need to come together on as a group – but it’s hilarious that it is – it says alot about women and how easily influenced they are by each other to think shaving pussy is the way to life…crazy…

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Words of Wisdom from Amber Rose of the Day


Amber Rose tweeted this bullshit about fingering Kanye’s Ass, probably paid for by Kanye, who I’m surprised didn’t let her fuck him up the ass with the dick I assume she has, because she’s got that level of sex appeal…that of a tranny….

I don’t know why she thought this would be a big deal to all of us who assumed dude was gay…because every guy I know loves getting a finger in his ass everytime they get head…especially from whores. That’s why they pay them.

So in this day and age, how is a little innocent butt play a bad thing…for the person not getting shit on their fingers…

Amber Rose is a whore, still trying to whore, by kissing and telling, when any dude who has fucked a girl, has had a finger in their ass, or had a bitch eat his ass, I don’t like it but I’ve done it, and to try to leverage that for her own trashy stripper mom profile, is pretty fucking lame…and as much as I hate Kanye Kardashian, I can’t support a bitch trying to embarrass a dude who made her and paid her for things that aren’t even that big of a deal…when his fucking father in law is a fucking bitch…

You know what I mean, gay marriage is Legal, rappers have gang bangs, these rich peoole are crazy, getting fingered by Amber Rose, hardly immasculating…it just makes her look like a cunt…which I guess is a look she goes for…since dudes only want her to stick their dick in her..

Pornstar Lisa Anne got in on the fun…

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