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Amber Rose Nude of the Day

Amber Rose Nude

Amber Rose has been doing a bit of a media tour after launching her only fans to cash the fuck in as hard as she can off being Amber Rose, despite the money she’s banked from having Rapper babies a few times, and maybe from her stripper money that she keeps in her sock drawer as strippers forever remain strippers….but that’s ok, we all gotta do what we gotta do to get by….and the fact that this stripper is tapping into her stripping roots despite living the actual stripper dream like Cardi B…by getting naked for perverts on the internet for money…

In her doing media around the only fans, she’s claimed to have been raped by one of her famous exes, she’s also said Kanye was on her back for years, as you’d expect someone who pulled the stripper out of the strip club to legitimize her would be with what I’m sure he considered his property…and it’s all boring.

What isn’t boring is that she actually GETS naked on her feed, unlike other bitches like Bella Thorne, so she at least gives the fans what they want…and I’m all for that…

I make fun of dudes who subscribe to only fans, the biggest cash grab for sluts on the internet, and I do think it’s pathetic of them to chase those nudes, especially when the girls hustling them aren’t getting nude…

So seeing some actual tit on the nude content being sold, is a step in the right direction…so if you’re going to sign up to any Only Fans, choose the girls who aren’t fully scamming you, even if it’s all a fucking scam.

Amber Rose Nude

Amber Rose Nude


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