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Alicia Keys Has an Embarrassingly Fat Wax Figure of the DAy

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She might as well been modeled sitting in her bed eating a tub of ice cream crying cuz her boyfriend left her. I always say instead of wrapping the emotional eating up in spandex, embrace and expose it….

You’d think out of respect they’d slim her down to the point everyone would say “Shit, look how great they made her look” instead “hey look they turned her into a fast food restaurant clerk dresses as Alicia Keys as an action figure on halloweeen”……

Not that I actually care, I just find it funny. What an amazing joke on the part of Madame Tisasss….This is something I’d do in the DrunkenStepfather Wax Museum of Sluts that currently lives in the furnace room and is strictly reserved for me to fuck.

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  • Hulk Rogain

    I’d hit it