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Kirsten Dunst Old School Vagina Flash of the Day


I don’t know when this picture is from, but it’s pretty much concluded a day filled with vagina on this site….From Webcam Star’s Unicorn of Perfection Pussy….>TO Amber Rose’s Hip Hop Whore Using Two Fingers to Make Her Pussy Look Skinny and Tight Pussy….To these Kirsten Dunst I don’t know what the fuck this haggard crack whore looking disaster is hiding in her underwear pic….I don’t know when it is from, but I know I am happy a fucking celebrity bitch finally pulled this move again…it’s been too long since the last getting out of a car panty/pussy flash…Celeb sluts are all over it…so it’s a nice throwback to what we once had…Cuz some of us have a hard time moving on…

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