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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Spanx Really Worked of the Day

Here are some pictures of what I assume is Jennifer Love Hewitt trying hard to steal the show from Jennifer Aniston at the Horrible Bosses premiere, cuz girls are catty and there’s only room for one of them on the red carpet, mainly because Jennifer Love takes up all the space…

What I’m trying to say is that just cuz bitch got herself all strapped the fuck down in a tight dress that I can only assume has more straps and harnesses under the shit to make her come across as something you want to fuck…even though the strapping and harnessing system neglected the backs of her thighs….she’s still never going to be what she was…jerk off able….big tits on a small frame….no matter how much modern science goes into a look…but for the benefit of all of us…she may want to figure out how to wear this shit everyday without people noticing, cuz it is a step up from THese Bikini Pics

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  • cowbulls

    First, JLH still has a great body and those curves are real and trust me; real breasts are way better than silicon. Second, she has an attitude that screams, “I’m damn good sexually and if you mount up you damn well better hold on”. I love a woman that isn’t afraid to laugh and have a good time.
    Eventually she will get fat because that’s in her genes.

  • oink

    Jennifer always look so sexy and hot body…mmmmm good~~!!
    She looks very sweet to kiss each time of the hour~~~!!
    I just love her appearence each time they have a hot photo spread on her…

    Support your US Troops during the July,month Look at the Flag and just remember all the Americans serving in our armed services protecting us from the crazy people who want to control our US… Fight for Freedom based on our Lord,Jesus Christ~~!!