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Katie Holmes and her Alien Bikini of the Day

I know if I was a sci-fi writer, instead of a blog no one reads writer, I’d make my rich person cult to make myself millions, jacked up with a lot more sex…I mean there area few low level alien worshiping cults here, and they involve one main dude, a massive compound, and a lot of hardcore sex. My cult would involve bikini parties, nudist everything, and like a muslim four major prayer times signaled by a giant bell, only our kind of prayer would be sucking my dick.

I don’t know shit about this Scientology shit, I just know Tom Cruise is a homosexual, I dont know how Suri was conceived, but more importantly, I don’t know what happened to Katie Holmes’ tit…maybe the opression caused stress that made them go into hiding….

Who knows, I just think she needs to be a bigger fucking slut….more nude scenes all I know her from is talking too much in the most annoying way in Dawson’s Creek, and I only watched that show once. I want to know her for the bitch who can blow bubbles or do other circus tricks out of her cunt.

All this waiting for a fake alien created by an acid flashback makes a bitch boring.

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