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Reese Witherspoon Unfortunate Bikini Bottoms of the Day

I normally have a white bikini fetish. I think it is cuz I was once at a pool and a hot 18 or 19 year old was walking around, inches from my face, fully see through, rocking a bald, coinslot, inny vagina….and since then…has made me seek the white bikini…like it was some forbidden fruit I had a taste of….but today….all that ended…cuz Reese Witherspoon had to prove that sometimes a white bikini bottom isn’t as pornographic as it was meant to be…or as you always thought it was….

I can just be thankful that she’s wearing a shirt…cuz sometimes your bikini top doesn’t cover up your ravaged stretch marks from all your breeding you 40 year old overrated pig….she’s halfway there…all she needs is a pair of pants and we’re good…and remember, I’m a pervert who wishes all women were half naked at all times….

The real weird thing about Reese Witherspoon, I mean other than that she’s tricked the world into thinking she’s anything but a chubby pigfaced bitch who traps dudes with her uterus, cuz she’s a good christian southern girl, is that she’s always jogging…I mean ALWAYS fucking jogging…yet she still has an like this? I mean where the fuck did all that jogging go?

Either way, here is her ass being all American….

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  • John

    As opposed to an outtie vagina?