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Janice Dickinson Corpse in a Bikini of the Day

If you’re like me and hit up funerals with open caskets on the regular, then you’ve found yourself saying, “why did they put her in this dress, she should be naked in here, or at least wearing lingering or a bikini, so that she can go rot 6 feet under, without the constricting conservative clothes, maybe in something a little more free feeling”….but no matter how many funerals you go to, the bitches are never half naked, in bikinis or lingerie, not even the stripper funeral you went to, or even the fucking surfer chick you thought you won the open casket lottery on, cuz surfers live for the wave, and in turn live in the bikini”….well look no further, cuz Janice Dickinson has single handedly met our needs….a rotting corpse kept alive by some voodoo spell in a bikini…doing the monster mash…like the zombie she is…

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  • Vox

    I bet her lady part is like a broken cat flap.

  • Spocktopus

    It’s like Willem Dafoe got implants and went to the beach. And that’s a compliment.

  • Mickey

    This thing claims to be in her mid 50’s, she’s more like in her mid 80’s. What an old repulsive hag!

  • Freebie

    Just goes to prove that women of a certain age should not wear bikinis.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    She’s uglier than my Grandma….if that’s possible. After saying that, I’d still hit it – ’cause I’m a sick-fuck.