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Aubrey O’Day Self Shot Bikini Fatness for Attention of the Day

Clearly Aubrey O’Day felt left out when all the other useless celebs had paparazzi taking pics of them, so she decided to take shit by the reins and fuck up the system, by taking pictures of herself for the public, cuz that’s what bottom feeders do for attention…

She asked this question on twitter:

If you had the ability to have the worlds attention, everyone would drop their head in silence and listen to you… What would you say?

My response….

I would say “i think Aubrey o’day has a dick clit” and no one would know what I was talking about cuz you don’t exist

She ignored me….because the truth hurts…she’s a nobody…but wishes she was a somebody…it’s almost sad..but I have no soul and don’t care…but I’m posting her chubby body she got implants to balance out in a bikini anyway…

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  • strang

    ROFL! nice 🙂