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Kellie Pickler Inbred Bikini Picture of the Day

I remember watching Kellie Pickler on American Idol, back when I had a TV and before Ryan Seacrest encouraged her to get these small implants to better her career….before fame and fortune by her hick inbred standards hit…when she was just some backwoods hick crying about her grandfather who it was apparent she was having sex with…at least as far as I was concerned….maybe it was cuz he was toothless, or maybe it was because he was also her brother, father and conveniently the only man in their backwoods town…and there’s just something about hicks…maybe it is their lack of education…their lack of dental hygiene, or really hygiene as a whole, maybe it’s their good country values, or maybe it is that they start fucking at a young age when no wrestling lawn furniture that really talks to me…and unfortunately, here’s this inbred hick gone hollywood…back home they don’t even have bikinis, just old burlap potato sacks until you get lucky enough to bust out great gandmaw’s roadkill bikini woven with 4 months of roadkill suppers….who cares….this tight body makes inbreeding seem right….iI mean if you’ve fucked a family memeber, the orgasms probably already sold you…but this is for the non-inbreeders….which I assume there is at least one of you out there…it also makes growing up on a diet of rationed poor man’s squirrel stew seem like something they need to bring to the obese mainstream…

Here’s her audition video from American Idol….Drunken Paula is the highlight

Here’s she doing some smarter than a third grader – and guess what she’s not smarter than a third grader….

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  • Hick

    I’d rather hang out with a hillbilly than a mexican. think about it fat boy.

  • G Reyes

    Both of you with those statements have an average IQ of about 12. Hah! Same as your age. Kellie is so hot and if you guys wouldn’t have sex with her you are now -12 IQ.

  • porkinyermomma

    yessirebob, even the dipshit host knowed Boodypest was in Hungree!

  • What’s not to love? She’s a hot hillbilly who drinks beer.

  • cowbulls

    A hot chick that thinks she is suppose to fuck and suck early and often is an asset to mankind.