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Aurdina Patridge in a One Piece for a Failing Magazine of the Day

I don’t have access to the accounting documents or year end reports over at FHM, but I think it is safe to say that no one buys their magazines anymore, and their slow and useless attempt to go online, just never really gave them the glory they once had, since everyone any their younger brother can produce drivel content about nothing and post it next to pics of bitches in their bikinis….I mean this video had 4,000 views when I pulled it and it’s been up for 5 days…and features a once famous bitch hardnippled…that’s fucking embarrassing perforamnce…useless FHM shoulda kept advertising on DrunkenStepfather.com…

See, the only thing these Maxim and FHM sites ever had going for them was the access to celebrity bitches they had….They consistently had hot bikini photoshoots with relevant people….but I guess as budgets dropped so did their talent pool…cuz seeing Audrina Patridge, a virtual nobody, who had her 15 minutes, that unfortunately lasted 2 years try up a year ago…by now she should be doing porn not magazine covers…I mean shit, I bet I could get Audrina to do a shoot for DrunkenStepfather.com….and I would only pay her in cum shots….if you know what I mean…

That said, here’s the photoshoot, you’ll unfortunately like it, taking her one step backwards from the porn career she should already be milking like a cock.

So much fucking bottom feeding everywhere I look…it’s coming at me from all fucking angles…

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  • Who the fcuk is this chick???????

  • cowbulls

    What this country needs is a sexual ability rating site for the Hollywood bimbos like this chick. I’m a Jessica Simpson fan after I heard she was great in the rack. Stacy Kiebler also gets great reviews. I hate Aniston for multiple reasons but mainly because I heard how terrible sexually she was from so many guys.

  • FrankieT

    It screams volumes that FHM didn’t shoot Audrina in one bikini! Audrina is flat as a board in 2011! Look at her last FHM cover in the red bikini and then the new FHM. Ouch! Her signature lady lumps have been removed and what’s left hangs down closer to her navel than her chest! She WAS the bikini goddess in 2010. Adorable, ample, cleavage on her slender toned body, really unique for Hollywood. Not any more. Now she’s an ordinary, flat, droopy, shapeless, waif with good hair. Saw her in Atlantic City on the 9th she shockingly had absolutely no shape at all.