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Michelle Rodriguez’s Bikini Pants of the Day

I like bikinis, not so much on dudes who have what may be exerpts of the bible or some other secret society memoir tattooed on his entire body, and not on Michelle Rodriguez. Maybe it is cuz she’s built like a bull dyke, coming to rip off my dick in some tribal central american tribal ritual that I assume is part of her heritage cuz she’s all mayan looking and shit, or maybe it’s cuz she’s not quite wearing a fucking bikini, but instead a pair of hipster leggings she got at American Apparel, who on a side note have a pretty uncollaborative staff, cuz I was there the other day and I asked if I go a tuft of hipster pubic hair with every purchase, you know since all hipsters have bush, and I love bush and bitch asked me to leave her store…clearly they don’t know what pornographic company they are working for….clearly the CEO hasn’t been doing his “Masturbate for me while I masturbate for you” rounds…

Not that it matters, what matters is these pictures of Michelle Rodriguez monkeying around (literally) in the water with hard nipples…..cuz for some reason lesbians always have hard nipples.

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  • saldb

    that guy is hotter than her.