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Taylor Momsen Lingerie Concert Pics of the Day

As repetitive and annoying and phony as this cry for attention may be, Taylor Momsen is still a soon to be 18 year old girl, already whoring herself out for her personal gain, and it’d be pretty homosexual of me not to embrace it, love it and endorse it, cuz daddy issues are one of my favorite things, not that this is daddy issues, but instead just a serious need to get noticed, by getting naked, sexualizing herself and all at such a young age….is kinda inspiring…and never boring….if you know what I mean…which you do…

My only concern is what happens when she turns 18 and no one cares anymore. Will she be like the underage stripper with fake ID I once got a lap dance from unknowingly, who is now a major pornstar, who prospered in her youthful sluttiness thanks to an early start…or will she get fat and fade away like so many molested by her dad, sexualized at a young age, lesbians before her…I guess time will tell..

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