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Hilary Duff Bikini Pictures of the Day

I didn’t have the rights to post the Hilary Duff pictures, so I decided to do my “artist rendition”, cuz bitch is built like a fucking fridge, thanks to her husband the Hockey Player’s influence in trying to make her more like the team when he fucks her from behind and slips the mullet hockey hair wig onto her…I know how these billionaire athletes who don’t need to be athletes cuz they are billionaires are…in it cuz they like the locker room…homosexuals masked by marriages to pop culture icons from a decade ago….and now bitch is stripped down…I assume as bait to lure more cock for Comrie to suck as he offers them the chance to bang his wife…without them really grasping what kind of threesome this is about to become…as far as I’m concerned – it’s a true story…

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