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Shauna Sand Old Lady In Her Bikini of the Day

I have seen Shauna Sand’s vagina. It was like some action adventure tourism into an unknown scary place. Like a journey through space, encountering some scary alien shit….or maybe like going through some ancient tomb and coming across some mummified corpse…like you were indiana jones motherfucker….or even like some detective working a horrible murder case… murder case…and unforunately…like all vaginas…that don’t have a dick…even if they look like an empty ballsack….I’d still fuck it…both with my tongue, unprotected dick and fingers…cuz I am a pervert….

So here is her hot enough tanned body that does nothing but age gracefully and classy through a middle aged porn career…post a youthful playboy career….that lead to having some bad plastic surgery, bad fake tits and bad bad bad mom pussy…

Here she is in a bikini doing nothing, as she does, but I prefer her doing
sex with immigrant male prostitute in video for money….

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  • Bob Smith

    Yes, she looks funny with those weird lips and bad fake tits.

    But watch her porno. If 10% of the women in this world wold fuck and suck like that, the world would be a happier place.

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Oh look at her just showing off that hot rack…

  • Venom

    I am telling you, out of all the celeb sex tapes, her was the best by far.
    I would be honored to have her suck and fuck me any day.

  • Hawk

    I didn’t recognize her without her plastic stripper shoes.

  • Bob Smith

    Yeah, I showed that to my girlfriend to give her inspiration. It only worked for like a weekend.

  • Venom

    Time to get a new gf.
    A younger more freaky one.

  • cowbulls

    I agree with Bob Smith, she gets an A for effort as well as an A for equipment. She has built for sex legs and seems to really try to give great head with those lips. A woman has to have the equipment to be great sexually. Skinny, flat chested, short and worn out women just can’t perform properly.

    I got to have a sexual relationship with a now famous woman that many men find very sexy when she was just starting her career. While she had great equipment, she figured as long as her sexual partners had an orgasm, she did her job. She was in the bottom quarter of woman I have experienced because she just didn’t try hard. She figured her looks were enough.