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Karolina Kurkova is a Recently Skinny Bikini Model Mom in Her Bikini of the Day

The hottest thing about Karolina Kurkova is not that she’s finally skinny after he bout with obesity that almost got her fired and that she blamed on her thyroid…but it is the fact she has no belly button…it’s like she’s the real barbie sent from outer space to spy on our people….or the paparazzi just photoshop her that way cuz it’s the only way she’ll let them take pics of her in a bikini….or maybe it’s a lyposuction tummy tuck glitch cuz the pressure from Victoria’s Secret was on…and I have a few conspiracy’s about them making me question what’s happening here….cuz no billion dollar corporation is legit…And who really cares…she’s a tall skinny model in a bikini and I’m pretty much down to look at the pics…cuz that’s what they want me to do…

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