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Pam Anderson is Too Old to Host Bullshit of the Day

This an amazing fucking joke. It’s like Pam Anderson is pushing grandmother age, yet she’s caked on enough movie magic make-up to make us think she’s got one more run in her….

I mean I think she’s at the point in her whore life where the only list she should be on is not the VIP list, but the liver transplant list, cuz that’s the shit Hep C does to a needle sharing unprotected sex motherfucker….

I don’t know, I guess she’s good to laugh at, especially when she’s so fucking dried up and horny she’s humping a fucking pedal bike like a dog in heat cuz no dudes, except maybe me, want her enough to risk getting Hep….and who really cares…just look at the pics…

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  • cowbulls

    She needs to go away and save her image. She is just gross but use to be a major sex symbol.