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Christina Aguilera is Large and in Charge…of the Buffet of the Day

I remember Christina Aguilera when she was a tiny little thing….with tiny little tits…and a tiny little ass…in a time long before she raped her uterus with pregnancy and raped the all you can eat buffet of all the food everyday for the last two years cuz that’s the only thing that can explain how far gone she is…it’s like she threw it all away and for no really reason….other than possible internal torment…maybe her daddy used to touch her…I don’t know…but I do know she needs to take some of her money and hire a fucking trainer cuz I believe in her…and believe there’s another chance for this mom pussy to win me over instead of the restaurant owner of every restaurant she walks into ready to make his month with her one order…if you know what I mean….

Maybe I’m just wishful thinking, maybe I just hate fat chicks who look like retired strippers at the trailer park, I guess I could just move onto the many many other not tainted vagina out there to post pictures of…an that’s just what I am going to do…

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