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Ivanka Trump Pregnancy Fetish Pics of the Day

I don’t know about you, but ready to drop porn has always been disgusting to me. The whole idea of pregnancy was never beautiful, except for a drunken one night stand when you know you’re not that dad and can’t ever be the dad thanks to the fetus already in a bitch…I had the way their belly buttons stick out, and I hate the way their nipples get big and weird, and most importantly I hate how shit rapes a body…the only thing hot about ready to drop porn is how tight the asshole gets when the baby is crowning, but usually the bitch is too far gone at that point to let you inside her….

So here’s Ivanka Trump, too far gone as far as I’m concerned to ever bounce back, unless that bouncing takes place on her new fat ass and ravaged pussy lips…

She’s the socialite gone to waste…she coulda been Paris Hilton, but instead she went respectable…Sucks.

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