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Serena Williams Bikini Thickness for the Perverts of the Day

People get so defensive when you call a black chick a gorilla..they label you a racist and a KKK slave driver, even though you are a Mexican, lower on the food chain as black people, but more importantly, even though that back chick looks and moves like a fucking gorilla….

See this isn’t a race issue, this is a Serena Williams…I can’t grasp how she’s a pro athlete but more importantly I can’t grasp how men fuck her both physically and mentally…it must have to do with being gay, or her money, or just being a fucking pervert willing to fuck anything, especially something you’ve seen on TV, no matter how freaky that shit is….

Weird….but not as weird as how many times I’ve posted pics of her in her bikini

To See The Rest of the Pics – If Your Into Punishing Yourself….
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  • cowbulls

    I don’t give a shit if she was purple with yellow polka dots; my disgust with her has nothing to do with her color. That body is gross and belongs in a zoo or a jungle.